Progress resumes


It's been a while since I posted anything here, but in large part that's because there hasn't been much to say. I ordered a new hood release cable, along with replacement fuel tank vent hoses. But none of that has arrived yet. I've begun sorting all the spare parts I've got lying around, in preparation for getting rid of the stuff that has no value.

Today I did actually get back to work, though. I replaced the manifold gasket on the yellow car. I used a special gasket set made by the manufacturer of the header itself, Hooker. And the end result is pretty good. The special gasket seals much better. The exhaust is still a bit noisy, but that's mostly because I just cobbled it up using various parts from both cars to get something on it.

But it's quiet enough to hear how the engine runs, which is quite nicely. I took the car for a very short drive and was very pleased with it. The 'new' engine runs smoothly, feels strong and doesn't smoke. It does idle a bit roughly, I suspect that the carbs need their throttle shafts replaced/re-bushed. But other than that, it's very acceptable, even if I were planning to keep the car. It actually runs almost as well as the red car does.

This means there's not a lot left to do on the yellow car to prepare prior to offering it for sale. I still need to remove the new springs I put in it a while back, and also swap the rear differential (taller gearing to match the four speed), but that's about it. I hope to get all that done by the end of February. Stay tuned...

Cleanup and sale prep


Since the last update, I've done some cleanup and the yellow car is a bit closer to being ready to sell.

First, all of the surplus engine parts are gone, which really helps tidy up the looks of the area outside the garage. The 280ZX head went to one Z owner, and the 280ZX block and 240Z head went to a different Z owner. The remnants were then sold for scrap.

Last weekend when it was icy, I stayed inside and reworked taillights. I disassembled both spare pairs I had, selected the best parts, cleaned them all up and reassembled one pair. They aren't as good as those on the red car, but actually turned out fairly nice. I installed them in the yellow car in place of the original beat up ones, and they look quite acceptable there. And as with the engine stuff, the remains were disposed of.

The differential in the yellow car has been replaced with the one from the parts car, which now gives it the proper gearing to match the 4 speed transmission. And the front two springs (of that set of brand new ones I bought a while ago) have been replaced with stock springs, still have to swap the rear pair yet. So the yellow car is getting close to being ready to sell. One or two weekends, I figure.

Not as much news for the red car. The fuel tank vent hoses haven't arrived yet, finding the proper hoses has proven more difficult than I had expected. But I think we're getting close on that front. I have a set of NOS Mulholland strut inserts on their way, which should work well with the new springs. The strut inserts should be delivered in the next couple days.

And with the improved weather we've had lately, I was able to drive the red car a bit. One of those days I noticed that I had no heater fan. It had been working earlier, but now was dead. Turned out it was just a bad 35 year old fuse. Not even a blown fuse, just a bad one. So it's working fine again now.

More sale prep


Not a lot new to share. (Other than the new look for the website itself.) I was able to get the two rear springs exchanged yesterday in the yellow car, as well as beginning to get the heater control panel installed in it. The fuel vent hoses aren't all here yet, although the dealer says three of the four have arrived, so we're getting close there.

Drove the red car to work a few days last week, just because I could. I'm beginning to realize that its suspension needs help as well, but I already have the springs and new strut inserts here on hand, so that won't be far off either.