Into the new year


I left off the last entry saying I that now needed to drive the car. Well, drive it I have. The car has actually seen a fair bit of use over the past six weeks. Nothing special, just driving. But there have been a few recent changes, too.

For one, I finally got around to putting a pair of speakers on the back, in the factory locations. This allowed me to remove those big speaker boxes I had 'temporarily' mounted under the seats. The factory only put one speaker in 240Zs, but there are mounting holes that match in the opposite side. So I installed an inexpensive pair of Kenwood single-cone speakers there. Nothing fancy, after all, that old Pioneer is not much of a stereo by today's standards. But the sound is better (now that I'm not sitting over it), and everything still looks pretty much original.

Last weekend I removed and rebuilt the fuel pump. I've got what feels like a touch of fuel starvation when running it hard through the gears, above 4500 RPM or so. While I suspected all along that the float levels may be a bit too low in the carbs, I wanted to make certain that the fuel pump was in optimum condition before I start on the carbs. The original pumps are put together with screws and the critical parts (diaphragm and check valves) were available from the dealer. Rebuilding the pump did not affect the fuel starvation problem, so I'll be looking at the carbs at some point. As it turns out, I heard from other 240Z owners shortly after the pump job that Nissan has no more check valves. I may have got the last ones.

Today I installed new carpet in the car. I bought a complete set (5 pieces) from Classic Datsun Motorsports. Very similar to the original, and I'm fairly pleased with it so far.

I've also spent a fair amount of my spare time over the past couple of months working on another set of mags. Same brand and style as the ones now on the car, they had some cosmetic damage around the lug area that I have repaired and am now working to clean and polish them up. When I got them I wasn't sure I could make them look as good as I wanted for my car, but the results are looking good, and chances are they will go on to replace the current set later this Spring. Pictures and details to come later.