My 1971 240Z, as built

Built 7/71
Color 905 Red
Four speed manual transmission

Z schematic

As purchased, 9/30/06
59,500 miles

Modifications from stock

  • Wire wheels (14x6 Appliance Fine Wires)
  • 175/70R14 Delta tires
  • Mulholland peformance strut inserts
  • Aftermarket split glass sunroof
  • Small diameter custom exhaust
  • Chrome mud flaps
  • Driving lights

Overall, the condition of the car as I bought it was far better than average, but it did show some normal wear. The paint had the expected rock chips, door dings, and a couple of small scrapes. The paint itself was mostly original, but had faded from the original warm red towards red-orange. The carpet was worn, but the rest of the interior looked nice.

Changes after purchase

First weekend, 10/1/06

  • Removed driving lights
  • Removed mud flaps

Winter 2006
  • Replaced wheels (14x6 Appliance Wire Mags)
  • New Toyo Eclipse 195/70R14 tires
  • H4 headlights (Neolite)
  • NGK plug wires

Spring 2007
  • Vintage license plates
  • New KYB strut inserts
  • Refinished tail trim panels

Summer 2007
  • Front spoiler (BRE 'Spook')
  • Reproduction Nissan Euro Stage 1 springs

Fall 2007
  • 60 amp ZX alternator
  • Parking light relay harness
  • 260Z plastic cooling fan
  • Vintage Pioneer AM/FM/Cassette deck
  • Harada full-auto power antenna

Winter 2008
  • Headlight relay harness
  • Vintage Cibié H4 headlights

Spring 2008
  • Replace roof skin (remove sunroof)
  • Complete re-paint with new rubber seals and trim
  • New windshield

Winter 2009
  • Pertronix electronic ignition and coil
  • Kenwood rear speakers (factory locations)
  • New carpet