April 2012

16 April 2012

Not a lot going on car-wise since the last post. No problems, no drama. We did drive the Porsche to McMinnville to meet some friends for lunch yesterday. The trip was uneventful, the car ran fine.

This evening I finished changing the stereo. The car had a recent Kenwood AM/FM/CD player in it when I bought it. The Kenwood worked fine, but looked out of place in the car to me—rather flashy with bright blue display, red back-lit buttons and such. I found a suitable NOS (New Old Stock) replacement on eBay.


Old radio picture


New radio picture

The Blaupunkt looks OEM, but plays CDs rather than the cassettes of the original unit. The original was a Blaupunkt also, so the styling is definitely correct for the car. It's not fancy, nor is it a high-power unit, but it suits me quite nicely. I like it.

Continued in August...