February 2015

21 February 2015

Random Thoughts

Here we go with some updates on life in the Porsche world.

The jury is still out on whether the oil leak was truly fixed last month. Or rather, I'm sure that I found and repaired a leak, but there may have been more than one. The oil pressure idiot light switch was definitely leaking, and was replaced.

But it was not immediately apparent whether the switch was the sole source. I changed a couple of other potential leak spots while I was in there. One of these was the oil thermostat o-ring, and changing that causes a fair amount of oil spillage at the top of the engine, which takes time to drain down.

So the fact that the drip didn't stop immediately didn't surprise me. But it continued long enough that I was beginning to doubt that the switch was the only cause. So I got under the car, wiped everything down, checked to make certain everything was tight, and started thinking about other possibilities.

And of course, as soon as I did that, it just about completely dried up. Not 100% perfect yet, but the drip formation is now so slow that I'm starting to think that I may have fixed it after all. Time will tell.

Replaced the interior rear-view mirror earlier this week. The original develops loose and rattling parts inside whenever it gets warm. I was reminded of this last week when the sun was on the mirror for all of 15 minutes and the resultant rattle was highly annoying. Should be all better now.

And oddly enough, I've given some thought over the past couple of months about selling this car and buying a different one. No, not tired of Porsches, not even the particular one I have. But I'm still having a little trouble thinking about living with the Chiffon white color indefinitely.

The thought was that if I could find a similar car in a better color that was as good as the one I have now (or close), perhaps I could sell mine and buy the better color car and break even, more or less. I spent a lot of time considering this scenario.

What I found is that there are many obstacles in the way. For one, similar cars in colors I would prefer are pretty scarce, and if you find one for sale, it's never local, which brings a whole slew of logistical issues. The other problem is that the car I have now really is a good car, both in condition and in how it is equipped. That makes it even tougher to find an equivalent-but-more-colorful car.

So I've given up that plan for now. I'm going to start gathering resources together to refurbish the interior, and go back to the original brown color. I know I will be happier with that. And if that doesn't do it, I haven't ruled out the possibility of a color change in a few years when I have it repainted.

Continued in June...