June 2015

6 June 2015

"Have a seat"

I've been stalling posting any updates for a while, waiting for something note-worthy. So I'll start by recapping events sine the last entry.

I've been keeping busy this year as the lead organizer of the local part of the Porsche Club. For the most part, that entails a lot of communication, and a little bit of event planning. That has been going fairly well, we seem to have pulled a lot more local Porsche owners into the various activities than has been the case for a number of years.

As an example, last month we got a bunch of us together and did a tour of a few wineries in the Lower Umpqua Valley. We had 18 people in 11 Porsches driving some picturesque back roads, and we all had a great time. This is the type of event that seems to bring out the most participation in these parts, and so we are trying to plan more similar events.

Porsches on Wine Tour picture

Here's a quote from my last entry back in February:

"I'm going to start gathering resources together to refurbish the interior, and go back to the original brown color."

Things happened on this front much sooner and differently than I had expected. My plan for some time had been to simply have the seats and interior panels re-dyed from the ivory to brown. I figured I could get away with that since the ivory leather was still quite soft and nice, other than the color itself and the stains. That plan had a sudden derailment.

One of the nice things about this particular car has been that the way it was optioned suits me. Things like the 16" wheels, Bilstein sport shocks and limited slip differential were all options I would have wanted if I had been able to buy a new one in 1984. But there has been one thing missing - my car did not come with the optional sport seats.

The normal seats (Porsche called them "comfort seats") would be OK in an Accord, but are uninspiring to me in a sports/GT car. Even the seats in our diesel Golf are more supportive than the comfort seats. The Porsche sport seats were designed and built for Porsche by Recaro, and some of the best car seats I've had over the past 20 years have been Recaros. So it stands to reason that I have always wished this car had them. But they aren't easy to find these days, as they weren't a terribly common option.

But in March I heard about a guy in Southern California who had a couple of pairs that he wanted to sell. They weren't at all nice, fairly ratty, actually. But they were complete, and they sounded like good cores for rebuild and reupholstering. So I bought a pair, and had him deliver them directly to a Porsche upholstery specialist near him whose work I have seen. I then sent the rear seats from my car as well.

So this was the start of changing the interior back to brown. The seats all arrived this week, and they look great. I had the shop deviate from stock in just one way, I asked them to triple stitch the seams that would have had piping, as piping is the first part to show wear, in my experience. I want these seats to look good for a long time.

Porsche seats picture

Porsche seat picture

Porsche seats picture

Porsche seats picture

Now I need to get on the stick and find someone who can dye the door and quarter panels brown.

Continued in November...