April 2016

17 April 2016

A Tale of Two Porsches

Yes, you read right—two Porsches.

You see, I really do enjoy working on cars, fixing them when they are broken. It is very satisfying to take something that doesn't work and restore it to being a functional car again.

And that is one aspect of the 911 that has been largely absent. It rarely breaks. Sure, there is normal maintenance to be done, and upgrades and improvements, but none of that occupies much time. So I had been thinking about picking up some cheap car that needed mechanical or electrical help, just to fix it up and then sell it when I'm done. Any car that I find interesting could have filled this role, it didn't have to be a Porsche.

But it was. Last Monday I (with the help of my friend Craig, his truck and a rented car dolly) brought home a 1984 Porsche 944, which apparently needs a head gasket. It could also use a little TLC in the interior, although it is far from as bad as many I've seen.

Porsche 944 picture

Porsche 944 picture

I plan to begin disassembly and assessment sometime later this week. I'm optimistic that this won't be too hard.

And of course, as soon as I have a second car to work on, something did break on the 911. Yesterday I went on a club drive down to Roseburg and back, mostly fun backroads. The weather this weekend was nice, the temperature down south was in the mid 70's. I used the A/C on low speed on the way down, and it worked great. But after lunch, nothing. No fans, clicks, noises—nothing.

The A/C seems to be the one weak point of my vintage 911. Every year it is something. After some troubleshooting today, I've identified a pair of probably related electrical problems. Will be ordering a new relay and switch shortly. I think that and a little replacement wiring should bring it back. Stay tuned.

Continued in May...