May 2016

17 May 2016

Progress on both fronts


Shortly after last month's entry, the new parts for the 911 arrived, and those plus a bit of replacement wiring has taken care of the non-functioning A/C. Seems to be all good yet again. We'll see how long it lasts this time. At least I didn't have to have it recharged again this time.


Disassembly and diagnosis of the 944 went quickly, and the results were rather obvious.

Porsche 944 head gasket picture

This head gasket may have been the poster child for blown head gaskets. I have never seen one this obviously bad.

This made the initial plan fairly easy. Replace the gasket. And of course, any other ancillary bits necessary while I am in there. And I didn't really run into any significant challenges during the process. Lots of cleaning while it was apart...

Porsche 944 cylinder head picture

...and it was running the next weekend after the parts arrived.

Porsche 944 picture

That isn't the end, of course. I've got some other issues I want to address if they can be done within my budget. The most critical one will be to do something about the steering, as the car has power steering that was disabled years back because it was leaking fluid. I've got time, I can't even think about selling it until the new title is sent by the DMV.

Continued in October...