November 2016

2 November 2016

Happy Anniversary, again!

Yes, 4 days ago was another anniversary of my time with the car, number 5 this time. and this is actually a significant one. Over the years that I have dabbled with cars for entertainment, 5-6 years has been the typical lifespan for me before I move on to something else. This car looks to be the exception, as I am not yet tired of it. Oh, that doesn't mean I wouldn't consider replacing it with a different (read "older") 911, but that is probably not going to happen any time soon. This car suits me and my needs way too well.

As with the past years, the car has been reliable, suffering only from an electrical failure in the A/C which was easily repaired. Miles driven over the past 12 months has dropped a bit since I no longer drive it to work occasionally, as I always did in the past. Changes this year were limited to the interior, with the replacement of the interior door and side panels (reverting back to brown). The final interior upgrade was started last week and continues this week. (See next section.)

Yes, I'm still pleased with the car, and still having fun with it. No plans to replace it yet.


As I noted last month, I ordered replacement carpet for the car in mid-September. That carpet all arrived late last month. As you would expect, after 32 years and 170,000 miles, the original carpet was definitely a bit worse for the wear in many spots. On top of that, the furry nap of the carpet that Porsche used in this period is hard to clean, and rather shaggy looking at best. And even that doesn't touch on the fact that the color match with the rest of the brown interior (even pieces that have never seen the sun) wasn't good, but well toward the red end of the spectrum. (Maybe Porsche's interior designer was somewhat colorblind?)

I corrected all of this by going with a different carpet type, a German wool carpet called square-weave, similar to what Porsche used in 356s and earlier 911s.

Porsche carpet picture

This turns out to be a bigger job than one might think. Porsche carpets for the early 911 cars were cut in many pieces, quite a few of which are glued in place. So installation is a bit on the fussy and time consuming side.

But the results so far are worth the effort. The color is a much better match to the rest of the interior, and the look and durability of this tight weave carpet with no nap is great, much nicer than stock.